About Us

What is it?

The portal serves as a consolidated resource, a "one-stop" access point, for the education and health sector, as well as the wider community. The portal assists users in accessing the array of healthy schools resources available in BC and demonstrates how these programs can work together in a planned, coordinated way under the Comprehensive School Health approach.

Who can use the site?

Healthy Schools BC is a web portal that aims to bring together members of the school community, partners from the health sector and the broader community to support students to develop healthy habits that will last a lifetime. Educators may be interested in the information on how to create healthier schools including useful tools and the latest healthy schools research in BC. In addition, they can search for programs and resources by topic and geographical area. Community members can highlight their organization's programs and resources and network with members from both the education and health sector. Health authority members can connect with educators in their area, highlight programs they work with and download resources and tools to help them support schools.

Programs and Resources

The programs and resources found on Healthy Schools BC meet a set of pre-determined criteria, referred to as the inclusion criteria. The inclusion criteria was developed with the following considerations:

  • Practicality (Is the practice practical for the community to adopt?);
  • Plausibility (What is the likelihood that the practice will be effective based on its attributes?;
  • Feasibility (Is the program possible to implement?).

This more practical approach to the Healthy Schools BC web portal is supported by the literature. To view the inclusion criteria, please click here. To view a summary of the evidence to support this more inclusive approach, please click here.

Who is Dash?

Healthy Schools BC is a partnership between DASH BC and the Ministries of Health and Education. Incorporated in 1983, DASH BC is a not-for-profit society offering support, resources and tools to partners and stakeholders to develop and implement healthy schools initiatives across BC. To learn more about DASH BC and its work, please visit www.dashbc.ca.

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